Henry Dancer Days raises funds to help children and young people 18 years and under who are living with active treatment for Primary Bone Cancer (primarily Osteosarcoma or Ewing’s Sarcoma) or in palliative care as a result of Bone Cancer. We can help with transport costs, heating bills, general hardship or for a visit to a favourite place for memory making.

The maximum gift is £250 – this can be offered every 6 months to those in palliative care. The turnaround time from receipt of completed application is 4 – 8 weeks. Applications are to be made through a medical professional.

About our support

We provide help to families of children with primary bone cancer, 18 years of age and under. These gifts provide essential support to families during an extremely difficult time. Families can choose to use our donation in the way they feel is most appropriate. Often, they are used to help with transport costs, making their home more accessible, help with heating costs or to help fund memory making activities.

How to Apply

Applications should be made through a healthcare professional who completes the application form on the family’s behalf. This may be:

  • A Young Lives vs Cancer Worker
  • A Macmillan Nurse
  • A Marie Curie Nurse
  • An Oncology Consultant

Please note that individuals cannot apply on behalf of a family. All referrals must be made via a healthcare professional.